Our Services

Customer Relationship Management

Many companies require CRM (Customer relationship Management) tools to run a more efficient operation. We procure the software, install it, and customize it to better fit the needs that your company might have. Additionally, if there is a need that the CRM does not fulfill then our team will build the missing feature from scratch.

Content Web Sites

Your company´s online presence is a requirement in today´s world. If your company can not be found online it is as if it does not exist, for this reason we build and customize sites so that your products and services are presented to your target market and therefor your sales will be potentiated.

Our Products


Food Delivery Service

In a restaurant, logistics are highly important. For this reason we have developed a software solution that coordinates deliveries from the moment that the order is taken to the actual delivery. Most restaurants use software solutions for point of sale that do not take into account the delivery portion. Our solution integrates point of sale, manufacturing and delivery.

Our Clients


Medical History Software

We developed a series of mobile applications for professionals on the health industry. specifically for nutritionists, dentists and general doctors that enables them to keep their patient´s records and appointment history enabling the tool to help on a wide set of scenarios. The strength of this tool is that it can be used either online or offline which is very useful in the medical profession.

Electronic Receipt

This is an online integration with the governmental agency that regulates taxes. The software generates the electronic receipts that are in compliance with the regulations.

Customer Relationships Manager

CRM software is an essential tool that allows businesses to focus on their company’s relationships with customers, colleagues, suppliers, etc. With a CRM properly set up, it is much easier to discover new consumers, win their confidence, deliver excellent service, and provide other benefits throughout the relationship.
A CRM can assist you in storing consumer data such as user behavior, firm, purchase records, and notes on sales interactions. You may use these to optimize your sales and marketing processes while improving client service across the board.